2021 Summer Sailing Camp Kicks Off
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May and June 2021 Calendar

CENTER OPEN – Please hand wash, social distance and wear mask

CENTER OPEN – Please hand wash, social distance and wear mask Continued Protection During Pandemic! We follow the City of Key West ordinance requiring all individuals over age six to wear a face covering when away from your residence. Citations and fines can be issued if we are in violation. The City reminds the community that the consistent use of facial coverings helps avoid future business closures and is a cost-effective means of addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you.

COVID and kids


We are happy to report that the sailing center is offering a variety of activities this year. We do this, of course, with Covid safety measures in place. Masks and social distancing are required on Center property. Life jackets are required on the water.

Ben HermelinThis program is possible through the leadership of Program Director Ben Hermelin and Commodore Russ Vickers, who are working together to make it successful. If you wish to participate, please email or call/text Ben at captnben@icloud.com or text (314-349-9929). You may need to reserve a Center boat from Ben for a program you are attending.

The Center’s Board of Directors adopted the following 2021 program plan:

Underway now
-Women’s Sailing – Every Saturday at 10 am, Center members and their female family and friends of any level (beginner through advanced) enjoy a lesson and on-the-water time together.
-Sunday Afternoon Races – Every Sunday. Skippers meeting at 1 pm.
-Private Sailing Lessons – For members: $45; non-members $65. For more information click here.
-Men’s Sailing – Every Sunday at 10 am, Center members, their male family and friends enjoy a lesson and on-the-water time together.
-After-School Enrichment – Six groups meet weekly (three schools, two homeschool groups, and a Navy youth program) for sailing lessons this winter/spring semester.
-MARC House Outings – We take MARC participants out on the water multiple times during the year as part of a long-term partnership.
Sailing Regattas – We plan three to four events over the coming year.
Summer Camp – We will offer 10 one-week sessions and hope to serve up to 125 kids, including many via scholarships.
Stay tuned for further details.


Support the Sailing Center!

We ask our 165 members and many other supporters who love the Key West Community Sailing Center to make a donation to support our annual budget. Donate HERE so we can continue our mission: To encourage and support sailing and sailing education, and to provide Sailing Center facilities for educational, recreational and social use for the public.

Sunday Sail Races Return - See FIRST SUNDAY RACE OF 2021




Long time sailor, member, and now board member, Jack Schmid, completed the check-out process on our newest addition to the center’s fleet - the Precision 15.
We encourage comfortable and competent sailors to broaden their horizons and get checked out on multiple boats that we own here at the center. “Checking out” includes a brief review of skills on the water to show that the boat-handler can demonstrate control of the boat using basic abilities, and then is approved to use Center boats. Each boat is unique and offers new and exciting learning opportunities and experiences.
Contact Ben Hermelin, captnben@icloud.com or 314-349-9929, to schedule a time to get checked out. You will be happy to hear that Jack Schmid passed with flying colors!

Learn To Sail - Sailing is FUN
at all ages and skill levels.

-Builds knowledge and independence
-Encourages team working skills and seamanship
-Offers exciting challenges or a peaceful escape
-Creates lasting relationships and memories.

Small boat sailing is a simple, inexpensive way to get started in the sport. The fundamental basics of sailing are most easily learned in small boats. Many small boats are designed specifically for youth, and most provide a lifetime of enjoyment for adults as well. Generally, small boats, are under 25 feet in length. They include a wide assortment of dinghies, daysailers, multihulls, and small keelboats. Because of their size and simplicity, many small sailboats can be sailed by just one or two people.
By learning to sail with a US Sailing-certified instructor, you’ll learn the sailing skills that you need to be a safe, confident, successful sailor.




To determine wind speed check Weather Underground. That is the reading we will be using as our decision point.
Boats can only be taken out when maximum wind gusts are less than 20 knots. If wind gusts measures 20 knots or higher, no boats may be signed out and must remain docked.

Key West Community Sailing Center Mission

To encourage and support sailing and sailing education, and to provide suitable Sailing Center facilities for educational, recreational and social use for the public.
The Key West Community Sailing Center will be a year-round sailing center providing programs for the public. The Center will support and endorse sailing, with an emphasis on sailing education and will provide social and recreational amenities. The Center will be family oriented and will maintain an inviting atmosphere that will encourage the public to make it their first choice for sailing with their family, friends and associates. The Center will be a valued community resource, widely known and recognized as an inclusive and open public organization, helping people build confidence and skills while enjoying the sport of sailing.
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We’re located in the beautiful Florida Keys with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico through the protected Keys Back Country. The other side of our island home boasts protected access to an extensive reef system as well as the Straits of Florida, the Caribbean, Cay Sal Banks, Bahamas and the Atlantic Ocean.

We own and maintain a fleet of boats. Members have no-charge access to the fleet after they successfully demonstrate basic sailing skills and earn a rating. The Sailing Center also offers private boat owners with small sailboats limited dock space as well as launching and dry storage facilities for sail boats, kayaks and paddleboards.

GUEST COMMENTARY The Key West Community Sailing Center strongly encourages feedback from the sailing community. You can submit commentary by email Here!