April 2021 Calendar

Key West Community Center Announces Participation of our Hobie 16s in the Wreckers Race

For a KWCSC Member to use a Hobie 16 to enter the Wreckers Race, the participant should have completed the basic checkout and in addition, observe the following:
1) The race day is a long one.
2) The entry and instruction can be found here:
-- https://www.schoonerwharf.com/wreckersrace-entry-form.htm
3) The Race begins at 1 PM and is 6.9NM to the finish line at Sand Key.
4) You must the sail 6.9NM miles back to the Sailing Center.
5) Dress Accordingly for the length of the race conditions, the sailor is going to be very wet and chilled.
6) The participant will need to sign an additional waiver for the race. The waiver will also include an agreement to replace or repair any parts of the boat or sail damaged during the race at the expense of the sailor.
7) The Sailor must notify an Instructor, the Rear Commodore, or the Fleet Captain of their intent to use the boat at least 72 hours in advance.
8) Notice after 72 hours before the start will not be accepted for that weekend’s Wreckers Race.
9) The Board members in charge of the fleet maintenance and racing will rely on Head Instructor’s determination as to the readiness of the participant
10) If the Head Instructor deems the participant not sufficiently prepared, they will not be permitted to enter the race on a club vessel.
11) This is for the safety of the participant and the vessel.
12) A dry bag should be carried by the participant.
13) A Coast Guard Approved PFD must be worn at all times
14) The following safety gear must be present on the vessel:
a. A handheld VHF to be used for emergencies and for talking with the race committee.
b. A cell phone for contacting others in the event of a tow needed or an emergency.
c. Water or other hydrating drinks for the duration of the race. Alcoholic drinks are not permitted.
d. Some form of light bright enough to be seen for arrival after dark and to light the way ahead. The participant may be returning to the dock after dark.
e. A whistle on their person,
f. A knife,
g. Compass, GPS, or other means of navigation.
h. In addition, the participant must file a float plan with the Fleet Captain and or Rear Commodore within 48 hours in advance of the starting time with proof of the forgoing safety items.
15) The Center will not be standing by in the event of an emergency or tow.
16) The participant should plan ahead for a tow option in the event of emergency.
17) Seatow and TowBoat USA operate out of Key West, as well as the Coast Guard.
18) Have Fun!

Sunday Sail Races Return

By Randy Darrow

The first race in 2021 was held under a beautiful, cloudless day. Air temperature around 80 degrees, light winds from the southwest. It was another gorgeous day in our Key West paradise.

Sailing instructor Ben Hermelin began the skippers meeting promptly at 13:00 hours. He modified the course to compensate for the light winds, reducing the windward legs so the planned five races would average about 15 minutes each. Six boats entered the race: Dave, Liz and Tom on the Precision 18; Page, Lena, Shawn, Steven and Christy on the Hobie Waves.

Ben started race one at 14:00 hours. In Race 1, Page paced the field finishing in 10 minutes, 36 seconds, followed by Tom, Lena, Steve and Shawn.

Finishing order: Race 2 - Page, Tom, Steve, Lena, Shawn
Race 3 - Page, Liz, Steve, Shawn, Lena N/T
Race 4 - Steve, Page, Liz, Lena, Shawn
Race 5 - Page, Steve, Lena, Shawn, Dave N/T

Ben coached and encouraged the inexperienced racers. By the end of race 5, everyone was having great starts and raced competitively. Steve and Christy sailed a flawless race during race 4, winning their first Sunday Sailing Center race.

We miss our members who can't be here because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hoping for a great 2021. Please join us on race days. It's non-competitive and a great way to have fun and improve your sailing skills. Come on out!

INFO: Sunday Sailing Races are held weekly at the Center, with the Skippers Meeting at 1 pm.

KWCSC Instructor

Ben Hermelin, Program Director, (314) 349-9929 is available for adult instruction and he also teaches our After-School and Summer classes for youth. Please give him a call if you wish to get adult lessons.

M.A.R.C. and Seniors / KWCSC " Come About Boating Adventures"

KWCSC hosted clients from MARC House and their facilitator, Rosi Ware, for another session of Come About Boating. ‘Thank You’ goes out to KWCSC volunteers Penny, Ruth, Myrna, Dave, Liz and Ben who helped create this terrific event.

If you would like more information or would like to volunteer for this program please call Ben Hermelin - (314) 349-9929

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A vote of the Board of the Key West Community Sailing Center established wind requirements/restrictions for the boats in our fleet. Boats can only be taken out when maximum wind gusts are less than 20 knots. If wind gusts measures 20 knots or higher, no boats may be signed out and must remain docked.
To determine wind speed check the wind reading on Weather Underground. That is the reading we will be using as our decision point.