Women’s and Men’s Weekend Sailing Returns!

We are happy to again offer free sailing classes for adults on the weekends.

Women’s Sailing – Every Saturday at 10 am
Men’s Sailing – Every Sunday at 10 am

The session begins with a class and then time on the water. It is led by Program Director Ben Hermelin, who is a certified instructor.

For the time being, these classes are limited to members, their family and friends – as we continue to keep numbers down during Covid. Please join in if you . . .
• Are curious about sailing but have no experience
• Have some sailing experience and want to learn more
• Have extensive experience and want to share your passion for sailing
• Want to extend your social circle
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We are happy to report that the sailing center will offer a variety of activities this year. We will do this, of course, with Covid safety measures in place. Masks and social distancing are required on Center property. Life jackets are required on the water.

This program is possible through the leadership of Program Director Ben Hermelin and Vice Commodore Russ Vickers, who are working together to make it successful. If you wish to participate, please email or call/text Ben at (captnben@icloud.com) or text (314-349-9929). You may need to reserve a Center boat from Ben for a program you are attending.

The Center’s Board of Directors on Wednesday adopted the following 2021 program plan:
Underway now
Women’s Sailing – Every Saturday at 10 am, Center members and their female family and friends of any level (beginner through advanced) enjoy a lesson and on-the-water time together.
Sunday Afternoon Races – Every Sunday. Skippers meeting at 1 pm.
Private Sailing Lessons – For members: $45; non-members $60.
Launching soon
Men’s Sailing – Every Sunday (starting January 17th) at 10 am, Center members, their male family and friends enjoy a lesson and on-the-water time together.
After-School Enrichment – Six groups meet weekly (three schools, two homeschool groups, and a Navy youth program) for sailing lessons this winter/spring semester.
MARC House Outings – We take MARC participants out on the water multiple times during the year as part of a long-term partnership.
Sailing Regattas – We plan three to four events over the coming year.
Summer Camp – We will offer 10 one-week sessions and hope to serve up to 125 kids, including many via scholarships.
Stay tuned for further details.

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If you have any questions please call Ben Hermelin (314) 349-9929.


Ben Hermelin, Program Director, (314) 349-9929 is available for adult instruction. Please give him a call if you wish to get adult lessons.